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Increase Website Traffic For Free

There are many different ways to increase website traffic. I will be discussing seven free ways to increase traffic to your website or blog. These techniques take time and have to be done on a daily basis.

  1. Write 2 quality articles every day and submit them to a high-traffic article directory sites. Article directories are also good for back linking to your site from the “About the Author” section.
  2. Leave three quality blog comments each day to different high ranking blogs, placing your website link. This is a great way to get back links to your site from high-traffic and high ranking websites.
  3. Participate in forums 30 minutes a day twice a day leaving comments and quality content.

  4. Write at least one great blog post per week on your personal blog.

  5. Create three videos per week that are related to the blog posts that you write.

  6. Advertise your website in the appropriate category on craigslist with an anchor text. Getting a back link and some of craigslist link juice to your website.

  7. Write a press release and submit it to PR web and other press release sites.

These are 7 great ways to increase website traffic for free. This will require consistent and daily action before you start seeing the increase in your website traffic.

When you start making money form all the free advertising. You may want to invest in at least 3 solo ads per month to increase website traffic even faster.


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