5 Must Have Mobile Marketing Strategies For Business Owners

As a business owner it’s quite obvious how people are communicating and what they have on them constantly – a smartphone. There are almost 6 billion mobile device users worldwide, representing over 87% of the population. No one has to tell you that the smartphone is the greatest invention of the 21st century. Take a look at how you and your family use smartphones for business and personal use.
There are several mobile media marketing tools that business must have to communicate, send promotions and connect with your customers.

For example:

  • Every business should be listed on Google, Bing and Yahoo;
  • Every business should have a mobile website;
  • You should have a mobile app;
  • Your website should be search engine optimized;
  • You may need a pay per click campaign;
  • You may need a Facebook or Twitter page.

The big question for business owners is which one of these tools is absolutely necessary for your particular business?

Jason Falls from Entrepreneur has written “5 Mobile Marketing Questions Every Business Owner Needs Answered.”

1. Should I build a mobile website or a mobile app?
Most businesses will want to build or optimize their websites for mobile rather than build an application. Think of the fundamental reasons your customers would visit your website, especially if they’re on the go. Make sure that on a phone or tablet screen your site’s navigation is easy to use, there’s no need for unnecessary zooming or scrolling, and the main things your audience wants are easy to locate.

2. When does a smartphone app make sense?
Apps don’t replace your mobile website. They supplement your audience’s experience. Some businesses — especially media outlets or those with a high volume of original content, such as blog posts or videos — may be able to develop a useful service via an app.

3. What is responsive design and should I invest in it?
Responsive design is a relatively new approach to web design and development that essentially bakes in mobile optimization to your website rather than your having to create multiple site designs. Think of it as having one website rather than three — one for the desktop browser, one for a tablet and one for a phone.

4. What are QR Codes and how can I use them?
QR, or quick response, codes are basically bar codes that serve as a link to send a phone’s browser to a web address. Users scan the code with a QR code reader they have downloaded to their phones.

5. How close are we to mobile commerce?
Depending on your definition, we’re already mobile-commerce ready with existing technology. Not only do mobile hardware accessories such as Square provide credit card readers that plug into your mobile devices, but platforms including Flint Mobile also remove the hardware requirement by using your phone’s camera to scan the credit card number.

If you would like to read the full Entrepreneur article.

Business owners must be aware of mobile marketing strategies that will maximize their relationship with their customers. Using the latest mobile marketing technologies to get new customers and keep your VIP customers happy. If your not sure what are the best mobile strategies for your business. Get in touch with a mobile marketing strategist in your town. They will analyze your marketing strategies and develop a mobile media marketing plan specific to your business.

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