What Is Keyword Optimization?

15 Ways To Keyword Optimization

We know about search engine optimization but what is keyword optimization? This is basically a subset of search engine optimization.


Here are 15 musts to optimize a particular keyword or a couple of keywords in your blog or website?

  1. The first thing you have to do is research a word that has high search volume but low competition. Ideally it’s a buying term and not just a research term.
  2. Find out how many websites are posting for this term.
  3. Find out how many back links are on the websites for your particular keyword.
  4. When you write your blog or article, make sure that your keyword is in your url.
  5. Link your keyword to other blogs with the same keyword and link it to other posts on your blog.
  6. Underline your keyword in your article.
  7. Italicize your keyword in your blog.
  8. Make your keyword bold.
  9. Use your keyword in different sizes: h1; h2; and h3. You want the search engines to notice your word in different forms and sizes.
  10. Get back links from blog or comments to your website with your keyword.
  11. Your post should be between 350 and 800 words, the longer the better.
  12. It should have a keyword density of 2-3%, which means the word should appear 2-3 times for every one hundred words.
  13. Your keyword should be in the first and last sentence of your article.
  14. Use your keyword in your images as captions and alt text.
  15. You can also make a video of the article with your keyword as the title.

More Keyword Optimization

These are 15 key basics to keyword optimization for each blog post or article you write. These are the first things you have to do to get your article on the first page of Google. Your work is not finished. In order to keep your article on the first page you have to do linking, more articles and search engine optimization. I’m not going into article directories, social media sites, meta tags, categories and creating link structures. That is outside the scope of this article.

Ultimate Keyword Optimization Tool

As you can see keyword optimization takes time, planning and a check off list.

I have found an excellent tool to insure that I have included all the necessary keyword optimization on my blog posts. This tool will grade you, then guide you to a perfect article. To get your posts on the first page of Google you will need to improve search engine optimization skills. Once you use SeoPressor for your keyword optimization you will never write another article without it.

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