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I am a network marketing coach. I help people build their presence online through social marketing, through online advertising and developing their blog.

I am a natural born teacher—I taught physical ed and math in NYC public schools for 26 years, and I’ve taught karate and self-defense for over 30 years. While I once worked in the classroom and the dojo, I now teach on the internet.

I love to teach, travel, do martial arts and yoga; and today I’m free to do all of these things. I’ve reached a level of independence that I once only dreamed of.

How did I do this?

Yoga in Wapatki Arizona
Yoga in Wapatki Arizona

Like you, I spent many years commuting to work and trading my hours for dollars. I wanted to be free to spend time with my family, to do the things I loved—I wanted to be free to live life on my terms. I searched long and hard for a business that could give me what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I always came up empty-handed. I spent a lot of time, energy and money in various failed attempts. I made all the rookie mistakes but was not dissuaded.

This was all part of my learning process. I was determined to find a way through the Internet maze where I could make money utilizing the skills I’d spent my life acquiring. How could I use my experience and talents as a teacher to build a business online?

First, I started to investigate what my options were. I did a lot of research. I discovered and attended private business receptions—online and offline. I was excited once I discovered how to make money using my teaching skills online.

As a karate instructor, I was successful not just because of my black belts, but because of the reputation, I had as a strong martial artist and a strong teacher. People were attracted to my classes because they wanted to learn the skills I had.

When I was introduced to the concept of educational marketing, I realized I could bring my experience promoting my karate classes, to promoting the skills I’d acquired in online marketing. I once taught teenagers math – now I coach adults to find the motivation to succeed in online marketing. I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide people through the Internet maze so they can avoid the pitfalls.

Like many others, I had been distracted by all the promises I found online. I fell victim to “the next shiny object syndrome,” buying unnecessary software and marketing e-books, attending webinars I didn’t really need. Finally, my research paid off. I found what I’d needed all along: a teacher who would introduce me to attraction marketing—that is, getting customers to come to you rather than having to chase them—and an effective marketing curriculum.

I started by looking for a way to work and still enjoy my freedom—and this was it. I could live anywhere I had access to the Internet, I could make my own schedule, work from home or on the road. I could create the lifestyle I wanted, I could live anywhere and bring my work with me.

The rest is history. My dreams are finally coming true, and I owe all my success and good fortune to my association with the marketing coach business.

Contact me, if you would like to learn more about attraction marketing and building your network in the most effective way?

I’m really excited about what I do and would love to teach you how to take your business to a higher level and fulfill your dreams.


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Edwin Cabrera

The Online Marketing Sensei

Edwin Cabrera the online marketing consultant




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  1. Hi Edwin, thanks for your comment on IMfaceplate. It seems like we are at the same point in our lives where we have tried almost everything to reach our goal of financial independence. How are you doing with Empower Network? As you know I with Organogold and I am not making the progress I’d like to make. I’ve heard a lot about Empower and I would love to get some feedback from you.

      • Edwin Cabrera

      Would love to talk with you and get to know you better, exchange info.
      email edcabrera7@gmail.com

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