Kids In Business In Manassas, Va.

I love this story of young entrepreneurs in Manassas, Va.

Manassas Mall is sponsoring Kids Inc., a  program for young entrepreneurs to create, produce, and sell their products.

Nine students participated in the program and were ready to sell their products immediately.

Parents. business people and Chamber of Commerce should be aware of young entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to create produce and work on their own business.

These young entrepreneurs came up with some very creative and lucrative ideas for business, for example:

  • Tim, a sixth-grade student hosted popcorn and pictures. A popcorn bar with toppings and picture opportunity with cutouts of Buzz and Woody, Ironman, and Pres. Obama.
  • Julia, 11 years old, owner of Delicious Delights enjoys baking and offers delicious cupcakes of chocolate, vanilla and buttercream.
  • Halle, a 12-year-old’s middle school students created Duct Tape Dynasty. She uses rolls of patterned and colored duct tape to create bracelets, wallets, rings and pens.
  • Alec, 13 years old is the owner of Press2Print, a company that creates personalized buttons and magnets.
  • Ever, a first grader sold homemade Reading cards Called Forever Cards.  She designs the outside and leaves inside blank for your own personalized greeting.
  • To follow in the bacon craze, Juliana, 14, created several products with bacon including biscuits, crescents and muffins.

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These are some great examples of the creativity, expertise, and business sense of young entrepreneurs.

This type of opportunity should be more popular within the schools systems and the Chamber of Commerce all over the country.

If we encourage and promote this type of  young entrepreneurship, imagine what these kids in business will create in the future.

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