Can You Become The Next Success Story?

Could Online Success Be Your Story?

Are you “tired of the bull”?

Have you been led from one “greatest opportunity” to the next “greatest opportunity” and been left with nothing but an emptier wallet to show for it?
Then you are in good company!

The NEO Network is a place where so many who have not seen success in years of online network marketing are finding success in the first 24 hours of being involved with the Neo Network.
Sound too good to be true?

Glenn Watson thought so, too, but he had stayed in contact with others involved in online network marketing and was intrigued when he opened an email telling him about the NEO Network.

In his words, “now I’m not someone new to network marketing. I have no pipe dreams that all I have to do is join a business and my money problems will magically disappear, or even that I can do exactly what the top earners do to be successful.”

The NEO Network Dare To Dream
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He knows it takes time, money, work and skills to succeed in online network marketing.

Glenn has known the highs and lows of making money and losing money and has also seen people frustrated and angry that they didn’t make the money the top leaders said they would.

What Glenn saw in the NEO Network was the vision that Kris Darty has to level the playing field, to give everyone an opportunity to be successful by being part of a true team build.

Glenn saw the sincerity of Kris’ words and actions that this would not be a team where only the top 3% make money.

Glenn knew that he wanted to be a part of this group doing something that has never been done before.

Kris Darty’s vision restored Glenn’s faith that “everyone really has the chance to make it in this business, not just a few.”

Within 24 hours Glenn made a $100 a month residual income.

With help from his up line and from Kris Darty, Glenn made $600 a month residual income within the first week.

More importantly, he was able to help those in the team underneath him begin to earn a $100 a month residual income.

This is possible for you, too.


Income Disclaimer: Just because you will literally see us create INCOME on DEMAND in this video, doesn’t guarantee you will get the same results when you get started with us.

There is no income guarantee.

But, we do believe this is your BEST chance of succeeding online because we will help build your business With You Not For You.

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