Business Success Tips-Goals

“You Become What You Think About

Most Of The Time.” 

Brian Tracy, on Goal setting


You are in the predicament that you are today because of all the decisions you have made up until this point.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or your past experiences, It only matters where you’re headed.

Your thoughts have created your reality and everything that has happened to you up until now.

If there were only one successful business tip, it would be to write down your goals and work towards fulfilling them on daily basis.
Goal setting releases your mind and energy straight to your target.

Whether or not, you succeed in business is determined by your commitment to succeed, your thoughts and your actions.

Everything about you, the kind of person you are began with a thought, whether conscious or unconscious.

“You become what you think about most of the time.”

You’re outer world is a reflection of your inner world: your thoughts.

Therefore, if you want to change your outer world you have to start with your inner world thoughts, desires, values, beliefs, priorities and actions.

Most successful people think, talk and ways to get what they want.

Whereas, most unsuccessful people think, talk and complain about what they don’t want or don’t have.

A great successful business tip, is to be like a homing or a guided missile straight to your target.

A homing pigeon can be driven 500 miles in any direction the pigeon will fly around a couple of times and then fly directly back to its pigeon coop.

You must be laser focused on your purpose, eliminating all distractions, not wavering, being crystal clear about your goals and working daily to fulfill them.

In a 1979 Harvard study, the graduating class was asked if they had clear written goals about their future and had made plans to fulfill them?

It seems that only 3% had clear written goals, 13% had goals but not written, 84% did not have specific goals, other than the immediate goal of graduating.

Ten years later in 1989, the members of the graduating class were interviewed and found the 13% that had goals but not written were earning twice as much as the 84% that didn’t have goals.

On the other hand, the 3% that had clear written goals were earning 10 times as much as the other 97%.

It seems that having goals gives your business direction, meaning and purpose.

When you fulfill your goals no matter how small, it gives you the impetus to set and achieve more goals.

So, It would behoove you to invest the necessary time to become absolutely clear about what you want to achieve and what is the most direct route to achieve it.

The starting point of goal setting is to develop a burning desire and an irrevocable reason to achieve this goal.

There are two things major things you need to succeed in business, one is a clear picture of what you want and two is your willingness to pay any price to succeed.

When you achieve or fulfill a goal feel good about yourself.

When you feel good about yourself you achieve more.

So, goal setting and goal achieving will make you successful in your business and happier in life.


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