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Content Marketing Future Trend

What do you think is the advertising trend of the future?

According to the December 2012 issue of Inc. magazine the advertising trend for the future will be content marketing in blogs, videos and white papers.

People are spending more time on social media sites and avoiding banner ads and pop ups.

It seems people would rather read or see good content: blog posts, white papers, webinars, podcasts, videos and slideshows.

Creating marketing content for websites will only be part of the advertising trend.

It’s just as important that the media engage the customer and encourage them to share, making the promotion viral.

Their will be tremendous opportunities to engage customers in the big social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and You Tube.

The new buzz word is “native advertising,” where the promotion of your product is integral to the overall experience of the site.

Recently on Facebook the click through rate was greater than 53 percent for “sponsored story” ads than display ads.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Transition To Content Marketing

With present day marketing methods ad campaigns could run for weeks or months without making any adjustments.

Making the transition to content marketing and sponsored story will not be easy for most advertisers because it will require

marketing methods that are fresh, new and constantly updating social media.

This is a great opportunity for online companies to develop software tools and services that provide content, sponsored story ads and social media monitoring.

Fortunately, for small and medium sized companies a content and social media campaign can be managed by one or two people.

In some cases a business owner could get their customers involved in their social media campaigns through discounts, games and other incentives.

Another advantage about content marketing for the small business owner.

The ad campaigns will not have to be fancy, slick or very expensive.

A small company can focus on what works for their particular constituents.


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