Network Marketing and Fitness

Network Marketing vs Fitness Program

I’m a physical education teacher, martial arts instructor and a network marketer. I see a lot of similarities between fitness training, martial arts and network marketing. I use the same motivational principals to be successful in building your body, mind and a network marketing organization.


First, you need have patience. To be successful in any endeavor it takes time, effort and practice. When you start in network marketing or a fitness program you have no idea of what you’re getting involved in. So, it take  time to understand the what’s and the how’s of proceeding. Everyone arrives in network marketing and in fitness with certain skills and certain weaknesses. you must learn how to capitalize on your skills and build up your weaknesses.

Most people are not marketers and don’t know how to market an online business opportunity. Marketing an internet business is very different from selling products. You have to learn ways to present it family, friends, business associates and strangers. In addition, you have to learn how to market to the masses on the internet.


Second, you need to stay focused on one business at a time. Most newbies chase around different business ventures before they succeed in one. It’s the same for fitness, you want to find a fitness program that you enjoy and don’t mind doing everyday.


Third, you must discipline yourself to work as if you had someone watching you constantly.  Many people believe that you must discipline yourself to do a certain task everyday. I believe, when you do something you love, discipline is a non issue.


Fourth, is practice, practice practice. Whatever you practice gets easier with time and practice. If you look at everything you have accomplished in your life from walking to driving a car took hours of practicing the same things repeatedly.


Fifth, you need to develop your mind and attitude as much as your body and business. Mental development, positive attitude and spiritual belief are crucial when times get difficult.

Have Fun

Last but not least you should enjoy what you do. If you do something you enjoy you will do it often and do it well.

To sum up, if you apply the principals of having patience, being focused, having discipline, a positive attitude, enjoy what you and practice. You will be successful in your network marketing business, fitness program or any other endeavor.

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