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I’ve been working online for several years, trying to make money on the internet.
I’ve tried several multi-level companies, affiliate marketing, niche marketing and a host of other money making schemes.
I think it’s me, because I see people making money in all of these opportunities but I just couldn’t get them to work for me.

We are now on the cusp of an internet revolution: Mobile Media!
Mobile Media Marketing is the wave of the future, according to Google and many visionaries.
There are almost 300 million mobile device users in the U.S. alone!
The smart phone has revolutionized communication and marketing today.


Almost everyone has a cell phone or a mobile device: laptop, Kindle, Pad, Ipod.  Almost every kid has a cell phone; It’s a basic necessity!
It is no longer used just to call people. Calling is secondary to text messaging, internet browsing, playing games, finding info,
social media communication, video recording, taking pictures, listening to music, watching videos and TV.
The cell phone has become a tremendous part of our lives and it will continue to affect us in unimaginable ways.

The History channel reported on “101 Gadgets That Changed The World.” Guess which gadget came in as number 1: The Smart Phone!
The smart phone incorporates at least 25 of the 101 gadgets portrayed on the show. These gadgets have had profound effects on
our society: the calculator, wrist watch, Kindle, MP3 player, GPS, radio, personal computer, flashlight and video recorder.
All of these great inventions have been incorporated into a small, mobile device that everyone can afford. People around the world cannot afford a computer but can afford a cell phone.
We are only in the beginning of how deeply profound the effects of this little gadget will have on our culture and world.

This “little” gadget is having a giant effect on business and marketing. Billions of dollars will be made on text messaging,
mobile advertising, mobile websites, mobile apps, mobile business placement and social media. If you are looking to make money
on the new internet, Go Mobile! There are many opportunities to ride the wave of the new internet. Look around you, find a need
and fulfill it with mobile media. Find your local mobile media consultant and have a serious discussion oh you can capitalize on it!

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    • Madison Florence

    Some great points raised here, mobile marketing is undoubtedly the future, so it will be intertsing to see what creative ways are developed on phones and ipads and such like. I recently read a great post by Andrew Hunt about how he feels that many business to business companies are missing the mobile marketing boat, Are You Missing the Boat on The B2B Mobile Revolution?, check it out (

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