Mobile Apps Save Lives

Emergency Information From Apps

Mobile apps are used for emergency situations and may save your life. The Red Cross conducted a survey which indicated that 20 percent of Americans have gotten emergency information from news and privately sponsored apps. The survey also indicated that during a crisis many people are turning towards social media to get information and communicate with love ones. Seventy five percent of users indicated using social networks to contact family and friends to insure their safety. In addition, one third have used social media information to get information on how the severity of a situation and whether it is necessary to gather belongings and seek shelter.

Social Media and Apps During Emergencies

Social media and mobile apps are competing for the fourth most popular method to obtain information during an emergency, after TV, radio and internet news. Of course in case of an immediate emergency the Red Cross suggests you call 9-1-1 as your first option. The Red Cross has developed free apps for Iphone and Android for shelter locations, first aid and hurricane preparedness.

The survey also discovered some interesting facts found in the PR Newswire:

  • Emergency social users are also most likely to seek and share information during emergencies. While they look for the hard facts—road closures, damage reports and weather conditions—they share personal information about their safety statuses and how they are feeling.
  • Three out of four Americans (76 percent) expect help in less than three hours of posting a request on social media, up from 68 percent last year.
  • Forty percent of those surveyed said they would use social tools to tell others they are safe, up from 24 percent last year.

If you would like more info on how to use mobile devices for emergencies or links to Red Cross apps, go to

To read the full article go to PR Newswire.
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