Life in Virginia

It’s been two months since I’ve moved from Yonkers, NY to Manassas, Va.

My friends and family were curious as to why I wanted to leave the city life to move to Virginia.

To be honest, I wanted to save money and live somewhere that wasn’t too city like.

I was ready to make a major change in my life and my living situation.

Since I retired a couple of years ago as a teacher in NYC, I thought about moving.

At first I was considering the Poconos in Pennsylvania but I didn’t want to deal with more snow and cold.

I considered Florida but too hot all the time, living in constant AC is not for me.

I like Manassas, Va, I’m living in a quiet condo community with 3 family houses.

I’ve changed my diet dramatically eating more greens, grains, legumes and no meat.

I read this great book “The Ultra Simple Diet” by Dr. Mark Hyman, it changed my life.

This has been a major change in my lifestyle and I feel great!

It’s been a long time since I was a member of a gym and taken fitness classes.

I’ve been working out in Gold’s gym for the past month, which is building muscle and losing fat.

I haven’t been training as much martial arts because I’ve been trying to heal some old injuries.

So, I’ve been teaching more than doing and have suffered the effects of non participation.

I’m building my mobile media consultants empire, haha.

I’m working with some of the top people in building Apps,  SEO, and Google places.

I’m helping local business owners on how to maximize their marketing on the internet.

I really enjoy working with people and showing them the possibilities of the internet to build their business.



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