7 Deadly Sins of Internet Marketing

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Like the 7 Voyages of Sinbad, there are at least 7 treacherous pitfalls network marketer must surpass to be successful at network marketing.

Lie #1 Everyone Is Your Prospect.

Make a list of 200 friends, family and acquaintances which you will approach with your business.  The 3 foot rule: Everyone that comes within 3 feet of you or within vision, should be approached with an elevator speech and solicited to take a look at your business. Make business cards and hand them out to everyone you know and meet. Put out road side signs, flyers, car stickies, and on bulletin boards.

This not to say that you shouldn’t inform family and friends about your business venture. But, this is not the only or best way to grow a large organization. These techniques are like throwing darts in the dark.  Most people are naive about network marketing, have misconceptions of what it is and don’t believe that it a viable business plan. If you have to convince someone to join this industry. They will most likely not have the motivation, desire and consistency to be successful in this business. You need to find people who have “raised their hands” to network marketing and are looking for or ready to listen about an opportunity.

“No One Is Worth Your Time Until They’ve  Shown An Interest

In What You’re Offering And Have Asked You For More Information.”

Befor You leap into network marketing

Lie#2 This Isn’t Really Selling.

You’re just showing people products you like and use. “It’s not selling. It’s Sharing!” Yeah Right! There are a few problems with this concept:

  1. You should know how to best present your product in a concise and clear manner (sales presentation).
  2. You are given false expectations about how easy it’s and how everyone is going to buy your product.
  3. It’s easy to get two people, who will get two people, who will then get two. The average network marketer gets 1-2 people with this approach.

Network Marketing is Direct Sales!

Lie #3 Anyone Can Do This!

This is true to an extent. It’s like, anyone can exercise or anyone can diet and lose 20 pounds. Yes, anyone can but most don’t. It takes time, effort, desire, discipline and consistency to be successful in online marketing. I’ve been a martial arts teacher for over 30 years and I’ve seen very talented people quit after a week and the most uncoordinated people stick it out for years. You never know who will stay in this business or who will drop out even before they start.

People who get into network marketing are not created equal. The network marketing industry is unique, with an incredible learning curb. Everyone who joins a network marketing company goes through a similar process of learning, trying and testing. To prove to themselves whether this really works and if it’s worth investing time, energy and money. There is no such thing as an “overnight” success. Most success stories are fulled with, “blood, sweat and tears.”

Lie#4 We’ll Build Your Business For You.

Don’t believe the hype! We have all seen and fallen for the absurd claims of “No Selling or Recruiting. We Build Your Down Line For You!” Yeah right! Most people are looking for the easy, lazy way to make money n the internet. It Doesn’t Exist! I know I’ve tried a couple and made pennies or lost money. If this were true we would all be living in mansions and driving Mercedes. Right?

Network marketing is a great industry but these types of programs give it a bad name. Multilevel marketing has produced more millionaires in the last ten years than any other industry around. But, these people have been the exception rather than the rule. They are the 3% who have dedicated themselves to learning how network marketing can be developed on a large scale. Through massive action, marketing funnels, teaching marketing strategies and building a huge list of followers.

Internet marketing has vast potential for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to implementing online strategies that literally put the world at your fingertips. Let me reiterate, these strategies work to an extent but if you want massive growth you need a system that will expose you to the masses.

I did not want this article to be a long dissertation, so to get the other 3 deadly sins. Click Here to download Ann Sieg’s excellent free ebook on the “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.” She is a twenty year veteran of internet marketing who has developed advanced marketing systems showing how to use her proven formula to build an enormous  online organization. I’m totally blown away by her experience, knowledge, ideas and internet marketing systems.

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