3 Steps To Present Your Online Business

3 Steps To Present Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Most new people to an online business have difficulty presenting their business.

Here are 3 quick steps to how to present your network marketing opportunity to anyone.

1. Invitation

2. Presentation

3. Follow Up

The invitation process  should start with the term:, “If I,” “Would you.”

For example: If I could show you a way to make from $600 to $1500 monthly?

Would you watch a 20 minute presentation to get more information?

The presentation could be a video presentation, a cd, a weekly meeting or home meeting.

You should have some kind of company presentation available.

Before you give them any information, make sure they commit to a time to watch your presentation so you can follow up.

Do not get excited and elaborate on what they will see on the presentation.

Do not answer any questions about the business.

Explain to them that all their questions will be answered during the presentation.

In addition, you will call them soon after they watch to answer any remaining questions.


This is the best way to market your business and to have your downline easily duplicate your process.

There are other steps to insure your prospects keep their commitment and increase your percentage of following up.

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