3 Major Reasons People Fail To Make Money On The Internet

Most people get into making money on the internet opportunities because they just need to make money to pay bills.
Making money is a good reason but it’s not enough to be successful on the internet.
Making money on the internet is not easy and it’s not like having a 9-5.
Most people who try to make money on the internet never make a dime.

There are 3 major reasons why they don’t:
No passion or purpose other than making money;
Not finding a leader they believe in and follow;
Not finding a traffic system they can duplicate.

The first thing you need is a purpose other than money, a passion for something important, and a unwavering commitment to succeed.
If you have these qualities, no one or no temptation for money can sway you from your mission.
If you’re only interested in money, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money.
There are also, thousands of great copywriters who will convince you that they have the magic money formula that
will make you an instant millionaire.
So you jump from one money making opportunity to another, until you realize that every business takes time, effort and money to become successful.

Once you have found the money making opportunity that is important to you.
You want to find successful leaders who hare just as interested in your success as they are in their own.
They should have a training system in place that you can follow to success.
Their system should train you, motivate you and teach you how to duplicate your leadership.
Most importantly, they should have a system to generate mass exposure and lead generation.
Bringing traffic to your product or service is the life blood of any business, especially for an internet business.

So, to make money on the internet you need 3 vital components: Be committed to your product or service;
Leadership that has a system for success; And a traffic generation system.


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