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TVG-Connect Uniting People For International Aid

TVG-Connect Giving Humanitarian Aid

True Vision Global and TVG-Connect was Created By Lois McQuinn, Charles Andrade, Bill Anderson and Gustavo Zaldivar.

TVG-Connect Mission

TVG-Connect’s Goal Is To Create The Largest Humanitarian Program In The World!
We Are United Nations Approved To Conduct Micro-Projects In Over 201 Countries!
We Are Aligned With Over 70,000 Churches, Charities, Orphanages, and Business Organizations!

Connecting People Who Want To Help With Those Who Need It!

We Have Over 130,000 Members Pre-Registered and Ready To Join Our Humanitarian Mission!
We Are Aligned With Wilcox Travel, The Board of American Express and IMGlobal.
TVG-Connect Has Been Working for Over 9 Months And Our Volunteer Team Has Contributed Over 52,000 Hours!
We Hope To Inspire Individuals and Corporations To Fund Humanitarian Projects Worldwide. To Help Eliminate World Hunger, Disease, Poverty, Human Trafficking and Hopelessness.

TVG-Connect Products and Services
We Have State of The Art Internet Technology and Exclusive Products and Services.
Which Include, A Secured Social Media Platform.
Where Your Group Can Plan, Organize and Communicate In Private And With No Advertising.
We Have Discounted Air, Sea And Land Travel Packages, Including Hotels & Time Shares.
Universal Medical Care Coverage For Children 18 and Under, Outside Of The U.S.
Natural Nutritional Products Dehydrated Freeze Dried Foods For Feeding The Hungry.
Emergency Aid Supplies Medical Kits, Blankets And Mosquito Netting.
Building Solar Energy and Water Purification Products worldwide.                                                                                                                       Christian E-Books, Gift Wares, Music and Videos.

TVG-Connect A For Profit Business

TVG-Connect Is NOT A Non Profit Or NOT For Profit Organization.
It Is A For Profit Business!

Our Goal Is To Help Individuals Earn Money For Their Family, Their Church, Their Charity Or Their Favorite Social Group!
We Are Combining The Power of Network Marketing With Your Desire To Help Those In Need!

Compensation Plan

We Created A Simple And Inexpensive Compensation Plan.
You Can Earn Commissions With As Little As $9.95 A Month For Our Silver Plan.
Our Business Plan Is 3×9 Structure.
Where You Can Earn On The First 5 Levels Without Sponsoring Anyone!

1 Personal Referral 

With A Little Effort And 1 Direct Referral You Can Earn More Money.

With 1 Referral, You Earn A 25% Matching Bonus And You Are
Eligible To Earn Up To Levels 6 and 7

3 Personal Referral

With 3 Referrals, You Earn A 50% Matching Bonus And You Are
Eligible To Earn Up To Levels 8 and 9

9 Personal Referral

9 Referrals, You Earn A 100% Matching Bonus
And You Earn From All 9 Levels
You Can Earn Up To $6,200 With The Silver Compensation Plan.
When You Fill The 9 Levels.

Gold Level
Gold Level $29.95 Earn All The Same Bonuses
With Total Earnings Of Up To $17,800 A Month.

Income Disclaimer: These Results Are Not A Guarantee Of Any Income.

Platinum Life Time Member
-One Time Fee $199
-Only 1,000 Available

Connecting people who want to help with those who need it.

You Can Open A Fund Raising Accounts By Sponsoring A Church, Orphan or Social Group.
They Become A Personal Referral.

Imagine You Sponsor, Promote and Sign 100 Members From Your Church To TVG-Connect.

You Will Earn A Monthly Residual Income,
Your Church Will Earn A Monthly Income
and Each Member Can Earn An Income!


You Have A Very Important Decision To Make!


Do You Continue To Raise Funds The Traditional Way Or The TVG-Connect Way?
Where You Can Create Incomes For Your Family, Your Church, and People In Need Worldwide!

Go Now!

Join our team in True Vision Global-Connect

Connecting People Who Want To Help With Those Who Need It!


Latinos United With True Vision Global

True Vision Global

True Vision Global Is The Vision Four Amazing Individuals:

Lois McQuinn, Charles Andrade, Gustavo Zaldivar, William Anderson.

The Vision Of  The Founders was Create A Place Where Individuals Or Groups With Economic Necessity can bind With Resources And People Who Have The Desire To Help.

What Is True Vision Global Connect?

True Vision Global Connect Is The division Of Internet Sales and Marketing For True Global Vision

True Vision Global-Connect provides:

A Secured Social Media Platform For Private Communication, Planning and Meetings Online.

A Place To Connect With Humanitarian Aid Projects With Economic Resources

Distribution Of Products and Services Specialized In Humanitarian Needs 

 Our Responsibility is Identify Entrepreneurs Philanthropic join Us To Help Mankind!

 1) A Professional Platform Social Media – But Not Such A Facebook Ads And Dedicated To Help Mankind

 2) Projects to Promote A Space Where You Can Request Your Humanitarian Needs.

 3) Professional Groups, Online Training And Forums In:

Nutrition – Kitchen Recipes

Christian Life and Bible Study


Exhibit Projects

Humanitarian Travel Planning

Youth Travel Groups

Online Marketing Training

 4) Exclusive Products and Services Humanitarian Aid:

• Travel Insurance

• Health Insurance

• Discounts Travel In Groups

• Hotels and Timeshare

• Food

• Nutrition

• Solar Energy

• Purification

Creating a Join!

1) Promote Memberships From TVG-Connect

2) Fundraising

3) Space to Promote

4) The Products Affiliates Promote

True vision global sky-heart and world

True Vision Global Connect Products

Earn Points For Participating in TVG-Connect Which You Can Use For:

• Personal Income

• Buy Products

• Donate To A Charity

For Example: Read The “Blog” will earn 25 Points

Monthly Income For Your Church, Your Charity or Social Program

Get A Membership

Promote Membership

Donate Bonus Points To Your Favorite Charity

Advertising Space 

• We Have A Critiria For Advertisng and Established Rates

• You Can Rent or Donate Your Advertising Space For A Month.

A Great Opportunity To Join A Team Of Dedicated Professionals Make A Difference In Their Own Lives Just Like People Who Are In Need!

In Summary

1. Create An Online Business With $ 9.95 or $ 29.95

2. Create An Income For Your Church or Charity

3. Get A Secured Professional Social Media Platform

4. Your Own Advertising Space To Promote Charitable Projects 

5. Products And Services Professional

6. Internet Marketing Business Training

7. Unite With True Vision Global Connect A Mission For Humanity

Join our true vision global team



What Is True Vision Global Connect?

True Vision Global Connect Founders

True Vision Global Connect is too phenomenal for words!

This company was created by, Lois McQuinn, Charles Andrade, Gustavo Zaldivar and William R. Anderson, Jr. “Bill, they are also the Co-Owners.

This is not just a business this is a humanitarian movement!

This GOD given vision has been approved by the UNITED NATIONS. We are categorized as a micro-project in over 201 countries. We have over 70,000 churches, charities, orphanages, business leaders, organizations, social entrepreneurs and many more already involved.

True Vision Global Connect Mission

Our plan is to unleash the largest humanitarian program in the world. In fact, True Vision Global Connect wanted it to affect local, regional, national, global and worldwide change. As you know, with change comes movement with movement comes extreme blessings.  True Vision Global Connect direct plan involves connecting churches, charities, orphanages, businesses and social entrepreneurs with those in need and those that have a giving heart.

Presently, we have over 130,000 preregistered members. Permanent fund-raising accounts are also available. The clear difference of permanent sponsorships is that there is no chance of them not being helped or losing funding due to non-payment or support. We feel True Vision Global Connect is a win-win combination.

Help Us Help Others!

You may be asking yourself, how can this work and how can I help? That is a great question. We hope you will help us influence, inspire, empower and change the lives of those less fortunate.

The vision of the four owners is to bring True Vision Global Connect to fruition has taken over 8.5 months and over 35,000 plus volunteer hours. Our support team is trained to handle your all your support needs. All questions and concerns will be monitored and answered in less than 24 hours and ultimately within 15 minutes.

Presently, we have over 5000 organizations joining and supporting us. The heads of these and many others are already aligned or will soon be with us in True Vision Global-Connect. We have over seven large Apostolic and Christian Churches endorsing us; this, is over 10 million plus and other churches make up another 269-500 million. This is amazing in itself! Together giving us a direct connection to over 800 million people. This is the wow factor of True Vision Global Connect.

Helping others with True Vision Global Connect

True Vision Global Connect Products

Presently, we are aligned with IMGlobal, Wilcox and Board of American Express, and Wilcox is a board member with American Express. This organization alone handles almost all Evangelist and missionary travel arrangements.

Join Us Now!

Our state of the art products include a secured social media platform. This platform was created particularly to give churches, charities and orphanages a place to present their special needs. Churches and charities are able to present their needs and projects to a greater audience and to those that have a giving heart. People will be able to help those with feeding programs, church building projects, or humanitarian aid projects or mission projects that they are involved with.

As a member, you will have access to discounted air, sea, land travel packages and discounted travel insurance.  A universal medical care coverage is available for ages 0-18 outside the USA, discounted worldwide condo accommodations, luggage and extra luggage allotments, nutritional products, dehydrated freeze dried food, medical kits, blankets, emergency aid supplies, solar products, water purification, Christian eBooks, giftware, music and videos and much more.

In the latter phases 2 and 3, they will be opening up an online theology degree program for Associates, Bachelor, Masters Programs, scholarship programs, books and supplies.

To sum this movement up, it is too incredible for words.

Join Our Awesome Humanitarian Effort!

Yes, this is how we will end the plights of world: Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Hopelessness, Sickness, Human Trafficking and so much more.

True Vision Global Connect Compensation Plan

You may be saying, I see that, but how about the funding source? To answer that, True Vision Global Connect is not a non-profit organization. They are and always will be a for-profit business.

They have a simple and easy to explain compensation plan. How can this affect churches, charities, businesses, missions, orphanages and any other fund-raising program? This answer is simple; these programs can helped by merging with our extremely affordable 3×9-compensation plan.

True Vision Global Connect believes, together everyone accomplishes and achieves more. With that in mind, the compensation plan is a 3×9 matrix platform.

  • At the Silver Level, the cost is extremely affordable for $9.95 per month and you have the power to earn from it. You can earn up to $6200 monthly.
  • At the Gold Level, which is highly recommended, it is extremely cost effective at $29.95. You have the potential to earn up to $17,800 monthly.

The compensation structure is designed for everyone to earn from levels 1-5 without any direct referrals in either the silver or the gold plan. Furthermore, you can earn with a little effort of one referral and profit more with levels 1-7 and with a little more effort, three referrals make you eligible to profit from all levels 1-9.

The best part we believe is, with one direct referral you will earn a 25% matching bonus on that referral. With additional effort, on getting three referrals you can earn a 50% match and with a concerted effort of nine directs, can earn you a 100% matching bonus from all your referrals.

Join Our Mission Now!

What if you cannot recruit people easily? No problem, we have the solution for that as well. You can permanently select from over 20K ready to be sponsored churches, charities, organizations, orphanages and this list will continually grow and be readily available for you to help as you earn additional ongoing income. This is why we will always be able to help in all programs of fund-raising. Consider this, most fund raising chocolate bar campaigns, car wash or pie drives and others like this only get a one-time assistance. Now, with True Vision Global Connect, you have a permanent solution to long term funding needs. Our on-going residual income is a permanent income producing solution.

Everyone benefits!


Join our true vision global team



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How To Quickly Grow Your Online Business

How do you become proficient at sports, life or business?

Is your online business growth and progress linear or curved?

Most people are trying to improve at something, in my case it’s online marketing.

I think, most people believe that online marketing is linear, fast or easy.

People think that to succeed online you follow a simple one, two ,three blue print.

As Scott H. Young points out in his blog post, progress in most endeavors is not linear but logarithmic.

Progress could be quick in the beginning and plateau with experience or grow exponentially after laying a strong foundation.

Two Types of Growth

Anything you try to improve will have a growth curve. Imagine you ran everyday and you tracked your speed to finish a 5-mile course. Smoothing out the noise, over enough time you’d probably get a graph like this:

Logarithmic Curve

Here, improvement works on a logarithmic scale. As you get better, it gets harder and harder to improve. Elite athletes expend enormous effort to shave seconds off their best times. Novice athletes can shave minutes with just a little practice.

Logarithmic growth is the first type of growth. This is where you see a lot of progress in the beginning, but continuing progress is more difficult.

Now imagine a different graph. This time you’ve build a new website you update regularly and you’re measuring subscribers. This graph would likely look very different:

This is exponential growth, the second type of growth. Website traffic is often exponential because as a blog attracts more readers, there are more opportunities for word about the blog to spread. A blog with zero traffic also has zero word of mouth.

I’ve noticed most things tend to be either logarithmic or exponential growth. Despite this, linear progress is what most people expect. We tend to expect things to move in the same direction or rate as they have in the past. This violation of our expectation leads to some mistakes in how we set goals and act on them.

To learn a skill, language, sport, business, fitness or weight loss takes a learning curve: slow and steady or quick then plateau.

What should you do when you get to the point where you don’t feel like you’re progressing or learning?

This is the time when discipline, determination, focus, desire, consistency and a change of tactics are most important.

Everyone progresses at a different pace according to time, effort, natural traits and mental fortitude applied to the task.

Online marketing has the potential for both types of growth.

In building an online business it takes time and effort to learn marketing strategies, how to present your business and yourself.

With time and effort and consistent practice your business partners will grow.

Your new partners will promote your business making it grow exponentially.

The bottom line: your online business will grow fast or slow with time, effort and consistent effort.


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How To Build A successful Online Business
How does a business owner insure that you are product in their company or business?
They outline for you exactly what you are responsibilities and duties are.
They also assigned you to a supervisor who will insure that you fulfill those responsibilities and duties.
To be successful in an online business you must do this for yourself.
YOU must supervise yourself and fulfill your responsibilities and duties.
You must be diligent in maintaining a schedule, focusing on what will bring you customers.
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