FAQ Of The Entrepreneurs Headquarters

Frequently Asked Questions about The Entrepreneurs Headquarters

1. Where Is The Entrepreneurs Headquarters Registered?

The company is a TDL registered by Dillon Dean in the UK.

2. Who Is The Owner & What Is His Background?

Dillon Dean is a professional trader in binary options, Forex, digital currency and penny stocks.

Dillon is also a 7 year veteran of online affiliate marketing.

3. What Are The Investment Options?

Option #1: is an automated investment program where you earn an automatic return daily for 30 or 120 days or once a week for 17 weeks.

Our current return rates are from 1.25% to 2.1% daily or from11%-17.5% weekly depending on how the level of investment you chose.

Option #2: is an interactive investment where you open a personal trading account and trade along side a professional.

The average profit rate is currently from 75% to 200% a month.

4. Is This A High Yield Investment Program or HYIP?

NO! The Entrepreneurs Headquarters is not an HYIP!

This program is easily sustainable through our proven trading formula that we have developed over many years.

The ROI from our trading allows us to keep a reserve account to pay current our members as well as have money to invest keeping our profits always growing.

5. How EXACTLY Will We Make Money?

In option #1, You will earn a daily or weekly percentage from our trading efforts.¶

You will be paid from 1.25% to 2.1% daily or from 11%-17.5% weekly and will be able to withdraw profits instantly.

All payments are Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) and safe from hackers.

In option #2, You will manage your own trading account and will be able to withdraw from your own TradersWay account.

TradersWay is subject to regulatory oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Your money is held in a third party bank account and available to withdraw anytime.

6. How Many Accounts Can I Register?

You may register as many accounts as needed.

7. Which Countries Can Join The Entrepreneurs Headquarters?

Since we are a private LTD we accept shareholders from all countries.

8. Can I Do More Than One Option On The Same Account?

Yes. You can participate in both the earnings and trading.

9. What Is A Bitcoin Account (address) In The Registration Form?

A Bitcoin address is a string of alphanumeric characters between 27 and 34 that represents a destination for a Bitcoin payment.

Here is an example: 34uTrNbtnupShBRbEwXjtqbBv5MndwfXXx

10. Where can I register a Bitcoin address?

Visit https://blockchain.info or Coinbase.com to register a unique Bitcoin address.

11. What is the current price of Bitcoin against my local currency?

You can use any online converter to get current Bitcoin rate.

The most popular is http://preev.com

12. Where can I buy Bitcoin?

Find your local cryptocurrency sellers here: https://howtobuybitcoins.info

13. What are all the payments types used to invest in TEH?

We offer a variety of Cryptocurrencies.

14. How can I change my email address, username or password?

For security reasons, email or username can’t be changed.

You can change your password or your Bitcoin address in your TEH account under “Edit Account” option.

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15. What if I can’t log into my account because I forgot my password?

Click forgot password link, enter your username or email and follow prompts for further instruction.

16. What Is Considered An Investment?

Option #1 investments are units or private shares inside The Entrepreneurs Headquarters LTD, you are given a set amount of earnings based on the companies increase in profits and value.

Option #2 investments are on a third party platform called Nadex.

17. Which Payment Methods Are Acceptable?

We accept Bitcoin and Etherium.

18. Where Can I Register A Bitcoin Wallet?

If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet yet we suggest to register it at https://blockchain.info/

19. How Do I Make A Deposit?

To make a deposit you will need to make a payment using your Bitcoin wallet.

To do this create a Bitcoin Address from your wallet and login to your TEH back office.

20. Can I Get A Refund?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee.

21. What Is The Minimum Deposit?

$10 for Option #1

22. How Many Deposits Can I Make?

You can make as many deposits as you want using the same account.

23. What if my deposit were not showing up?

Your deposit will be added after 3 confirmations of the network.

This process could take from 1 to 24 hours.

If you want to learn about Bitcoin confirmations. Go to: 


24. When Will I See Earnings On My Deposit?

Depends on the type of program you choose. If you chose daily you will receive it the next day if you chose weekly you will receive it exactly every 7 days after each deposit.

25. Are Profits Guaranteed?

The Entrepreneurs Headquarters is a privately owned limited company, profits are Not guaranteed.

26. Can I Make A Deposit Using My Account Balance?

Yes. You can use your profits to reinvest from your back office.

27. Will I Get My Deposit Back?

You will get your initial deposit only in the Fast Money 30-day program. Your deposit is included in the profits in the Long Term Daily Program and in the 17 Weeks program.

28. When Can I Withdraw My Profits?

Profits can be withdrawn at any time.

29. What Do I Have To Do To Withdraw Profits?

To withdraw your profits make a withdrawal request in your account.

30. What Are The Minimum & The Maximum Withdrawal Limits?

Maximum withdrawal is $1,000 per day and minimum withdrawal is $30.

31. How Long Will A Withdrawal Requests Take To Process?

Withdrawal requests should take from1-24 hours.

32. How Much Will I Earn Each Time My Referral Makes A Deposit?

We offer a four-tier referral program where you will earn referral commissions

in the amounts of 6%, 3%, 1% and 1% of the deposits from your referrals.

33. Where Is My Affiliate Link?

Check “Referrals Links” in your account at the bottom as soon as you log in.

34. Can I Get Paid For Referrals Without Depositing?


35. Are There Any Fees For The Services In The Entrepreneurs Headquarters?

There are no signup fees but there is a 5% fee in the 30-day plan.

36. Who will Receive Commissions If My Sponsor Leaves?

Whoever sponsored your sponsor.

37. Can We Use Our Own Marketing Materials?

Yes. You can use whatever marketing material you would like.

The Entrepreneurs Headquarters will have its own marketing system.